Animations classes allow you to add nice effects to most elements in your template. As you scroll and an element enters the viewport the animation is applied.

1: How to add class to any element.

Simply add the class to the element. In this example we are adding the animate fadeIn class to a paragraph

animate example

2: How to add class to a menu item.

Simply add the class to the menu Link Css Style in the menu item Advanced Options. In this example we are adding the animate fadeIn class to a menu item

animate example menu item

3: How to add class to a Module or Module head.

Simply add the class to the Header Classor the Module Class Suffix in the menu item Advanced Options. See example below.

animate example module

Example Animations
animate fadeIn
animate fadeInDown
animate fadeInDownBig
animate fadeInUp
animate fadeInUpBig
animate fadeInLeft
animate fadeInLeftBig
animate fadeInRight
animate fadeInRightBig
animate flip
animate flipInX
animate flipInY
animate lightSpeedIn
animate rotateIn
animate rotateInDownLeft
animate rotateInDownRight
animate rotateInUpLeft
animate rotateInUpRight
animate slideInDown
animate slideInRight
animate slideInLeft
animate rollIn
animate bounce
animate flash
animate shake
animate swing
animate wobble

A simple elegant module that lets you upload any image assign it a title, title fontawesome icon, caption, paragraph and link. Color choosers let you set the color for your Title and Caption

Module Features

  • Upload Any Image
  • Add Image Alt Tag for Seo
  • Title Icon
  • Title Text
  • Title Color Chooser
  • Caption Text
  • Caption Color Chooser
  • Paragraph Text
  • Toggle Paragraph Text On/Off
  • Link to (link to another website or an article on your site)
  • Link Target (chooser where to open your link)

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